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The Dimensions of your Back and Chest (2-day online seminar)

avec Jaime Polanco

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When we look at the structure and organization of the trunk, which includes the back and the rib cage, we discover that it contains more than 50 different bones (vertebrae, ribs, sternum, clavicles, etc.) and three times as many joints! This gives us an idea of its great mobility and the potential for action that we have and the different directions in which we can orient ourselves.

Although we know that we are three-dimensional beings, we usually do not use all this capacity and we reduce our actions to a small and repetitive number. This makes us smaller than we are, this shortens us and produces feelings of tension and fatigue and a lack of vitality.

In this workshop we will explore, through different ATM lessons, how to awaken this potential and put it at the service of a greater degree of satisfaction and health. When we elevate the level of our self-organization we recover more of our genius, expressiveness and desire to live fully.

Come and try just how much better you can feel by being more aware of the dimensions of your back and chest by having a more precise self-image of yourself.