Questions fréquentes

Frequently asked questions about our seminars

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Seminars marked as « public » are open to everybody no matter whether you’re new to the method, if you’re a Feldenkrais teacher or currently enrolled on a training program, or if you are trained in other health methods.

Postgraduate and advanced training programs are exclusively for licensed Feldenkrais practitioners (those who have finished an accredited Feldenkrais teacher training).


What materials do I need?

Please wear comfortable clothing and socks.
For in-person seminars we will let you know whether the seminar venue has mats and blankets you can use, or if you have to bring your own materials.
If you participate in one of our online seminars, please make sure that you have a mat or blanket available for the exercises when the class begins. For Feldenkrais classes we recommend a mat that is a thicker than other exercise mats. If you want to use yoga mats maybe you could use two yoga mats on top of each other.
A flat pillow that is neither too hard nor too soft is also advisable. A folded towel would actually make the best pillow. For some of the classes you might need a chair or stool.


During the Covid19 pandemic what special measures are in place for your in-person courses and training segments?

First and foremost we need to comply with the sanitary directives of the city or state where the course is held. They are different in each city and they can change quite frequently. So please inquire about them, if you are planning to come for one of our in-person courses. In general and for all of our in-person events we require the participants to wear face-masks indoors, keep a distance of 2m to the other participants when possible and disinfect their hands on a regular basis. Our rooms are constantly ventilated, we will additionally open the windows to air out the room as often as we can and, depending on the weather, keep the windows open the whole time.

Furthermore we strongly recommend that people only participate if vaccinated fully against Covid19 or if they have recovered from a previous Covid19 infection within the last 3 months.


Access to the webinars

Once you have paid the registration fee, you will receive a confirmation email with your personal link to attend the webinar. Please save this link and do not share it with anyone.
If you do not receive the link, please check the spam folder in your email and (especially for Gmail customers) the so-called « promotion » folder.
However, we always send a reminder message 2 hours before the start of the course in which the link is included again.
If you haven’t received your access link 90 minutes before the course, please contact us by email or WhatsApp.


Payment and invoice

Registration is confirmed after receipt of payment. You can find detailed payment information on the page corresponding to each seminar. For our online seminars you can pay via PayPal, credit card, debit card or bank wire. For our in-person seminars the default payment method is bank wire.
After your payment you receive an invoice. If you need a certain address or company’s name to appear on your invoice please make sure to give us that information when you fill out the enrollment form.



Our seminars are taught in English or the national language (Spanish in Spain, Portuguese in Portugal and Russian in our courses in Russia) with live translation into the other language. The only exception is Sweden where the teaching language is English. On the page corresponding to the seminar you are interested in it says what language(s) the course will be taught in. Please make sure to look for the information there.


Number of participants

Seminars are designed for groups of approx. 16-45 people.


Certificate of participation

At the end of each seminar you will be awarded a certificate of participation indicating the topic, the name of the trainer, the location and duration of the course.


If I take part I one of your webinars will I be seen on the screen or how will my seminar experience look exactly?

The default role for taking part in one of our webinars in Zoom is as a so called « attendee« . This means that you can hear and see the teacher and the translator, you can see the other participants who have their camera activated, you can write questions in the chat or the Q/A or if the course allows for it you can raise your hand and ask a question via the microphone.
What you cannot do is switch your own camera on by default.
Nevertheless: we do like to see our participants and we are happy if you want to participate with your camera activated! It is much nicer for our teachers to teach a webinar where they see their participants!
If you decide to participate with your camera switched on, it will be necessary to ask us to activate it for you. And please be aware that we are recording the webinar and for all our longer online seminars (not the weekly classes) we share this recording with you, the other course participants and our staff. So if you take part with your camera activated, you consent to appearing on the video recording.


Audio and video recordings of our seminars

Students of our professional training programs receive a full audio recording of the course and they can access the videos recordings as well.
Most of our seminars come with an access to the recordings of the course. On the page corresponding to the seminar you are interested in it states if the seminar includes an access to the recordings or not. Please make sure to look for the information there.
If a seminar comes with a limited access to the recordings (typically 3-weeks), then please understand that we will not be able to reactivate the recordings once they have expired.
Access to the recordings is provided through an account that our participants can create for themselves on our website. If the seminar you register for includes access to the recordings you will receive an email with instructions on how to create such an account.


If I participate in one of your webinars and I do not activate my camera and microphone during the course, will I appear on the recording that is being made?

No. You will not appear on the video or the audio of the seminar and of course we don’t share your name with anyone. You can just be there and enjoy the experience. We protect your privacy, this is very important to us.