Séminaire Système de sommeil Sounder™

Sounder Sleep System (Introductory course plus 6 weeks of practical training)

avec Patricio Simon

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Sounder Sleep System™

The Sounder Sleep System™ addresses the treatment and prevention of sleeping disorders and insomnia. The exercises practiced in this system have been designed specifically to help you discover your own ability to relax and sleep. In this training course, you will learn about the latest scientific findings regarding sleep and insomnia. Participants receive individualized support to learn to sleep better. They gradually learn to recognize the signs of their own body and achieve long-term results. It is a simple, yet effective and highly beneficial system, both for those who simply want to sleep better, as well as for those suffering from severe insomnia.

Improves sleep quality and reduces stress

The Sounder Sleep teaching method was developed so as to help both those having difficulties in falling asleep, as well as people who wake up in the middle of the night and cannot go back to sleep. This system is based on the discovery that certain small, slow, repeated physical movements can shift us from the active, waking state to a state of profound physical and mental repose. When we reach that tranquil state, if we need sleep, we will fall asleep. And if we sleep better, we feel better and enjoy life more. The Sounder Sleep exercises help improve sleep quality, making it more restful, deep and uninterrupted, and they are furthermore a highly effective means against stress. The exercises we will practice are not only surprisingly simple and help improve your well-being, but they are also fun! Come and try!

You will have the opportunity to get to know this innovative method that activates our own self-healing system and personally experience a significant increase in your well being. The main idea of this 3-day seminar is to learn everything you need to to successfully apply the Sounder Sleep System.

Patricio Simon

Patricio is a clinical psychologist, teacher of the Feldenkrais Method, director of the Feldenkrais Institute and senior teacher of the Sounder Sleep System. More about Patricio…

« Both in my Feldenkrais consultancy, as well as in my work as a clinical psychologist, I increasingly encounter people who suffer from sleeping disorders. The Sounder Sleep System is the most effective and varied relaxation method I have come to know thus far. It is simple to learn and fosters self-healing and relaxation in a fun and enjoyable way. And best of all: the Sounder Sleep System was specifically designed to help people with insomnia! »


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