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De la potentialité à la réalité


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« Controlling Personal Space in a Changing Environment. »

To fulfil our intention we must perform our best possible action to orient ourselves in a changing, multi-dimensional environment.

Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais talked about the three essential ingredients of an efficient action:

« Orientation means both in space and in time, and manipulation means the way of performing the thing. Any act must have all those three ingredients… all the three ingredients of action must be harmoniously connected. » (San Francisco teacher training – June 16th, 1975).

This is the concept of a potential that is turned into an effective action – know how, where, and when you do ‘a thing’, i.e. what you intend doing.

In this workshop we will bring this theoretical concept into practice.
The Feldenkrais lessons that will be taught improve coordination of arms and hands, and legs and feet with the intent to develop your ability to respond efficiently to a changing environment. This ability will be developed to determine your personal space and protect it with confident action, mentally and physically.

You will experience space and timing, in connection with the concept of mental and physical efficiency.
Everyone will learn and progress with confidence, comfort, and security.
Feldenkrais Practitioners will get lots of new ideas for teaching ATM and FI lessons.

The workshop will touch on the early work of Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais and the roots of the Feldenkrais Method.